.ttf fonts can be placed in ~/.local/share/fonts on Linux machines using Fontconfig. Run fc-list to see the fonts available.

Favored Fonts

Just some fonts I like to use.

Graphic Design

  • Anton Regular is a narrow font with a bold feel to it. Great for words visible at a distance (signs, posters, etc.)
  • Bungee is a font I came to like after it was selected as one of the DEF CON 26 theme fonts.
  • Montserrat is a very clean sans-serif font with evenly weighted proportions. (Used on the front of my 2018 Business Card.)
  • Oswald is similar to Anton Regular, but with more distinct letters.
  • Roboto Condensed much like the Android Roboto font, used on the back of my 2018 Business Card.

Fixed Width/Programming