WAHH Testing Checklist

Original Source

Recon and analysis

  • Map visible content
  • Discover hidden & default content
  • Test for debug parameters
  • Identify data entry points
  • Identify the technologies used
  • Map the attack surface

Test Handling of Access


  • Test password quality rules
  • Test for username enumeration
  • Test resilience to password guessing
  • Test any account recovery function
  • Test any “remember me” function
  • Test any impersonation function
  • Test username uniqueness
  • Check for unsafe distribution of credentials
  • Test for fail-open conditions
  • Test any multi-stage mechanisms

Session Handling

  • Test tokens for meaning
  • Test tokens for predictability
  • Check for insecure transmission of tokens
  • Check for disclosure of tokens in logs
  • Check mapping of tokens to sessions
  • Check session termination
  • Check for session fixation
  • Check for cross-site request forgery
  • Check cookie scope

Access Controls

  • Understand the access control requirements
  • Test effectiveness of controls, using multiple accounts if possible
  • Test for insecure access control methods (request parameters, Referer header, etc.)

Test Handling of Input

  • Fuzz all request parameters
  • Test for SQL injection
  • Identify all reflected data
    • Test for reflected XSS
    • Test for HTTP header injection
    • Test for arbitrary redirection
    • Test for stored attacks
  • Test for OS command injection
  • Test for path traversal
  • Test for script injection
  • Test for file inclusion
  • Test for SMTP injection
  • Test for native software flaws (buffer overflow, integer bugs, format strings)
  • Test for SOAP injection
  • Test for LDAP injection
  • Test for XPath injection

Test Application Logic

  • Identify the logic attack surface
  • Test transmission of data via the client
  • Test for reliance on client-side input validation
  • Test any thick-client components (Java, ActiveX, Flash)
  • Test multi-stage processes for logic flaws
  • Test handling of incomplete input
  • Test trust boundaries
  • Test transaction logic

Assess Application Hosting

  • Test segregation in shared infrastructures
  • Test segregation between ASP-hosted applications

Web Server Vulnerabilities

  • Test for web server vulnerabilities
  • Default credentials
  • Default content
  • Dangerous HTTP methods
  • Proxy functionality
  • Virtual hosting mis-configuration
  • Bugs in web server software

Miscellaneous Tests

  • Check for DOM-based attacks
  • Check for frame injection
  • Follow up any information leakage
  • Check for weak SSL ciphers

Local Privacy Vulnerabilities

  • Persisten Cookies
  • Caching
  • Sensitive data in URL parameters
  • Forms with autocomplete enabled